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Арбузов Константин Валерьевич, Крайс Александр Эдуардович -

What role does a Russian scientist play in the modern world? In general the question is rather interesting and it is possible to think about it. Actually, the Russian scientists are one of the most important scientists in the world, and this is true, the list of the achievements they have presented to the world isn't small.

For an example, it is possible to take one of the most famous Russian scientists of the present, Zhores Alferov. We won't estimate his contribution to science, just thanks to him we have the privilege of using mobile phones now. He is the only living Russian Nobel Prize laureate in physics living in our country.

Actually, we focused the attention on the place of Alferov’s residence with the aim to show the most important problem of our country, that is the absence of sufficient conditions for comfortable work for scientists in our country, therefore the majority of them are forced to move abroad, where they are offered better conditions.

But nevertheless, they don't stop being the Russian scientists.

The invaluable contribution to the development of science was also introduced by Grigoriy Perelman, the only scientist in the world who has proved one of the seven problems of the millennium, Poincare's hypothesis.

In conclusion we want to tell that though not many people are interested in modern science now, especially the Russian ones, the arguments we have presented prove that it’s impossible not to estimate a contribution made by the Russian scientists to the world’s scientific achievements, and that is the fact we can be proud of.

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