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Степашина Дарья Евгеньевна, Дерягин Остап Витальевич -

The impact of science to modern culture

It is generally agreed today that the role of science in modern society is increasing every year. This fact has led to the emergence of its special status in the culture, as well as to interact with many layers of social consciousness. That is why there was the problem of correlation characteristics of scientific knowledge with other activities leading to the knowledge - everyday consciousness and art.

First of all, let us try to understand that this philosophical problem has great practical value. Awareness of the features of science is an important prerequisite for the use of scientific methods in the management of cultural processes. On the other hand, it would be unfair not to mention that fact that science develops a culture, but also slows down, your own content, forms and means of operation.

Moreover, interpretation characteristics of science are also necessary to develop legislation to help to manage the science itself in the conditions of rapid technological progress, because to study the characteristics of scientific knowledge it is necessary to analyze its social conditioning, as well as its interaction with different fields of culture both material and spiritual. In this regard, the role of science in society will continue to grow.

To draw the conclusion, one can say that the operation of science as a culture cell, due to various factors such as cultural and natural origin. The very same science as a result of its historical development turns into a culture-forming factor in the development of mankind, which carries contradictory consequences.


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