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Парыгин Эдуард Игоревич -

Today it is generally accepted that the role of scientific knowledge in the modern world is immense.

And this thesis will be discussed later

Let's start with the fact that in the past century scientist could basically only put forward the theory, and in rare cases, to reinforce their practice. But at the moment, scientific thought has leaped forward, and scientists have put forward the theory of global scale, supported by high-precision data sets. These scientific studies allow boldly look into the distance, and shape the future of the entire planet.

It is undeniable that without such great scientists like Mendeleev, Newton, Einstein and other prominent scientists, the modern world would not be complete benefits of progress, which is today. So great discoveries take on its practical application in various areas of daily life of mankind.

Each grain of the information collected and sorted, becomes a support for further research and to promote scientific thought, opening up new horizons for humanity.

In conclusion, I want to say that the world was not the way it is today without the scientific knowledge and achievements that humanity has reached thanks to the scientists, the workers for the benefit of all humanity and the modern world in particular.

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