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Парфёнов Михаил Олегович, Шевчук Вадим Богданович -


Many people think that Russian science is lagging behind foreign competitors recently but others do not agree.We think that Russian scientists are better academics in the world but only their specificity.Particularity Russian science is depending on the Russian state.

It so happened that the Russian science was formed only by government agencies.So far, Russian science is depending on government agencies. This fact isthat Russian science will be a developing guide of theRussian state.

By virtue of that our science developed basically in military industries. In this industry Russian scientists achieved great success. Our tanks, helicopters, guns, rocketsare the best in the world. We think that nobody could deny the fact that anyone can easily find confirmation of this information.

As for civil industry, here foreign development dominates. We don’t dispute about this fact, because our market of device clogged foreign products. We are sure that all people know about Apple, Samsung and other foreign companies.

In spite of all this, I think that our science is able to achieve success in civil industry, because Russia didn’t lose its best scientists.

We think that Russian government should motivate our scientists in the civil industry in order to get motivation to create new inventions. It can be done using money. We think that Russian government must provide a good life of Russian inventors and not as it usually occurs in our life when our officials take the money currently held for scientists.

And then finally, Russian science can come to the stars through the thorns.

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



Practical Conference


"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

at higher education institutions"

with edited volume publication

Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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