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Иванова Любовь Рашатовна, Коротюк Надежда Леонидовна -


What do we understand by science? And what is the role of science in a modern society? People search the answers on questions all the period of formation and development of science. Now the questions have become very actual. Currently the information stage of development occurred around the world. Computerization has made possible to use digital technology in many areas of life. Their implementation requires new knowledge, skills and abilities, the acquisition of which scienceshould be provided. However, whether all is as good as it seems? Let’s consider some pros and cons of it.

To begin with, a modern science has amazing capabilities. One hundred years ago people couldn’t imagine that they can send their thoughts to the other end of the world.However, a century later it became possible. Our society has become so computerized that now anyone can find information without difficulty in the Internet. Almost every house or office has a computer.The other side of the coin is, however, thatit has become soconventional that people forget about the health risks from the use of information devices. Nevertheless, sciences are constantly developing, and scientists are trying to solve this problem.

Furthermore, one should not forget that, thanks to the development of medicine, biology and genetics, mankind has been able to find vaccines for many diseases, which increased life expectancy.

Nevertheless, one should accept that, the latest scientific developments are in great danger. For example, thermal power plants that produce energy emit large amounts of waste and gases, causing significant damage to the environment and as a result the mankind itself.

To draw the conclusion, one can say that the role of scientific knowledge is not unique in the modern world. Science leads humanity to progress in some areas of public life, as well as degrades the human condition in the whole world.

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