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Безрукова Наталья Валерьевна, Стародубцев Алексей Андреевич -

Technologies: friends or enemies?


Science achievements are very important for people nowadays. It’s generally agreed today that technologies are inseparable part of modern man’s world. I think science is a direction, which humanity should develop very much to make our life more perfect and sublime.

Science achievements and inventions are made to make our life easier. With the help of science we can treat many illnesses, do things that seemed impossible. Hundreds years ago, no one thought that we can conquer space and create robots. It is undeniable that modern achievements save our time that we can spend with our families and friends doing something good. Only washer and microwaves significantly reduce the waste of our forces and it’s only two subjects of variety of modern technologies! But on the other hand,this helps make people lazy and non-independent. The great majority of people can’t do easy things by themselves! Nowadays teenagers in Russia and all over the world don’t even know how to wash dishes without dishwasher and it’s awful. Using technology we can communicate with the people all over the world, but forget about people around us. Our Russian scientists made great inventions, such as first radio, airplane and heat-engine, but they also made H-bomb and submachine-gun.

In conclusion, I can say that although science achievements are great and we totally should develop that aspect of life, but we shouldn’t forget how to use our own bodies and minds. Because one day technology can betray humanity and none of us can live in this world anymore. Besides we should be careful with our discoveries nowadays, because all achievements can lead us to peace or to war.

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