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Низамова Дарья Евгеньевна, Трофимова Полина Евгеньевна -

How beautiful is the world of scientific achievements

Many people think that scientific achievements play absolutely small role in the modern world, but we don't agree with it. We will consider, what merits and demerits of this statement: "How beautiful is the world of scientific achievements".

We will begin with that scientific achievements is a support for future generation, as today it is impossible to do even without mobile phone. Each person wants to have the mobile phone of the latest model, for example, Iphone – is the scientific achievement of the 21 century. Because it doesn't take a year as new advanced model of this brand put on the market.

One more positive moment of this statement is that nowadays almost in each apartment there is Wi-Fi. Certainly, Wi-Fi is one of the scientific achievement, because this system helps people to use the Internet on different devices, it makes life easier for the fans of the Internet.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to look at this problem on the other hand. New generation forgets about the existence of the real world, thanks to scientific achievements were appeared various improved devices: the tablets, the laptops, the mobile phones and many other things. The younger generation completely goes to the virtual world that involves the awful consequences: getting worse, constant mood swings, a mood anxiety, etc. It is of course, is the negative moment in scientific achievements.

The arguments which were presented in a positive and negative side assume that scientific achievements are more well, than it is bad, as thanks to them people quickly find a way out of a difficult and not clear situation.

In conclusion I would like to note that such scientific achievements as modern and advanced mobile phones, tablets and laptops do the world more available to the person.

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