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Ковалева Алина Викторовна, Чегодаева Анастасия Владимировна -

The role of scientific knowledge in the modern world.

It is generally agreed today that science - is the engine of progress. In the history of scientific achievements of the world, science plays a very important role, it is the basis of everything that humanity has reached.

The scientific knowledge covers rather large amount of information. It is the idea of person about nature, its condition. Representations of human society. As a society should function. And of course, the idea of a ​​man about himself. Scientific knowledge is developed gradually and relatively recently, there was the same break-through. Rapidly began to develop scientific and technical progress. This is a way out to a new level of life of all the world.

On the basis of all scientific knowledge are both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The main stress of scientific knowledge lay mainly on empirical process. And then fixed, theoretically. In today's world, scientific knowledge is particularly actively involved in the organization of social development. Scientific knowledge is a motive force of technological development and many other industries, for example in aviation.

In conclusion, I can say that to develop scientific knowledge in the modern world, we can achieve unbelievable success in many areas of life. A strong scientific knowledge guarantees an excellent result in the perfection of modern human activities and its improvement, and even a way out to a new level of life in general.

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