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Мальчиков Никита Олегович -

For last two centuries science has leaped forward greatly. Human civilization has changed so suddenly, how it did not change during the millennia of its history. Even for last decade, technology has changed significantly: there are tablets, touch sensitive phones and other technical innovations, that people couldn’t even think of twenty or thirty years ago. In many fields of industry there are robots that replace human labor, facilitating people’s lives.

However, technological progress is fraught with danger. Due to a great development of high technologies people use them so often that they can't live without the mover time. In case of global catastrophe, which, for instance, will lead to a massive damage of electrical appliances there will be a chaos in the world. Due to a high development of science there are many plants that emit huge amounts of toxic waste. The enormous amount of garbage is produced. Over time, it can just poison our planet, and it will stop being habitable. Finally, there is a fairly scary prospect – there might be an uprising of machines. Although it is unlikely to happen but there is still a slight possibility. Everything that has been mentioned above is undoubtedly bad. But science has helped the mankind. Thanks to science, a man can observe the vastness of space, can fly around the world, it makes our lives more comfortable, and more over, it helps to learn about nature and the world in general even more.

Thus, we see that science is the tool which we humans choose to “forge” our own destiny. Only we can decide what will happen in our future. If we don’t stop fighting and destroying our planet, then no science will help us. It will only make our situation worse. But if we remember our species name "Homo sapiens", become wise and use our resources properly, science will serve us a great favor.

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



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"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

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Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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