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Гриц В.И, Дубовой Т.В -

 I was born in Krasnoyarsk region. I have been living in Siberia since my birth and I'm proud of it. It's a large and beautiful region. There are a lot of nice places here. But now I'd like to say a few words about Siberian State Aerospase University by M.F. Reshetnev, where I have the honor to be a first year student.

SibSAU is one of the famous universities of Krasnoyarsk region and Russia. This year the university celebrates its 55 th anniversary. My university makes significant contribution in development of rocket-space industry. Here a lot of scientific discoveries have been made. Many famous people, SibSAU’s graduates, work on different enterprises of military-industrial complex, in the sphere of information technologies, and so on.

Lecturers of my university have high qualification and different scientific degrees. Students do scientific researches; take part in regional, Russian and even world conferences and Olympiads.

But student's life in our university is not only learning and scientific work. There are a lot of sports events, entertainments, competitions.

SibSAU is the university of the future, which is and will be famous for its investigations and students, lecturers and graduates. I should say, I'm happy to be a member of SibSAU community.

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


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"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

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Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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