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Кукушкина Юлия Витальевна, Теряева Виктория Павловна -

 Siberia gives rise to dreams, SIBSAU embodies them


Many people do not guess how rich such a region as Siberia is.

It is generally agreed today that there are a lot of unique places in Siberia. To begin with this region has very beautiful nature. It is noticeable that there are not many birches here, but in this remarkable region there are a lot of rivers, lakes, high mountains, permafrost and impassable forests. The most popular Lake and nature reserve in Siberia is Lake Baikal and nature reserve “Stolby”. There are the places where people have a rest. Taiga is a mysterious place with diverse animals, for example, bullfinches, wolves, bears. Moreover, the bear is a symbol of Siberia.

The second thing that needs to be said is that in our region winters are very snowy and long. It is possible to do winter sports, for example, snowboarding, skiing. Besides, a lot of well-known sportsmen were born in this area.

Thirdly, you should note that in Russia there are a lot of traditions, for example, people go to a banya, because winters are very cold. It is a tradition, which gives much fun.

In this area fantastic people live. They love Siberia. These people are very curious; love all new and unusual things. Many children dream to depart to space. When they grow up, they arrive in SibSAU University and achieve their dreams. SibSAU University is the best university of Siberia. In this university different experts who are ready to make a lot for the development of this region are trained. Besides, SiSAU takes the 3rd place in a rating of the best Universities in Russia in the sphere of airo-space technology.

To draw the conclusion one can say that Siberia is an amazing region! This region is the best around the world!

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