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Савык Александр Ярославович, Иванов Павел Андреевич -

 SibSAU in 2115

We want to tell you how we see our university in the future, in one hundred years.

The buildings of the Siberian State Aerospace University (SibSAU) have moved to its own campus designed exclusively for students and teaching staff by 2115. Scientific Park is the embodiment of all the scientific and technological achievements which are in 2115 and the campus is still growing. Students learn, live and work there.

Infrastructure. The campus has got many laboratories and workshops where students get additional training or carry out their own experiments and research. The campus is divided into several areas. Each area is a certain faculty of the SibSAU and their number has increased significantly by 2115.

All transport runs on ecological fuels, such as solar energy, wind energy, and a big variety of other ways to get energy.

There is a spaceport near the campus from which the University launches spacecraft. In 2015, the proximity of Baikonur to towns had some certain risks, but by 2115 such risks have been eliminated. Due to advanced technologies, the launch of a spacecraft is as simple as a trip by car.

University life. Our university holds a competition between districts at the end of each year: the jury considers the number of achievements of each faculty. This contest is an extra motivation for the students’ scientific activity. The award of this contest is a flight to Mars, to one of the research bases for getting practical knowledge and skills as well as to develop other projects by the student. In 2115 the SibSAU is considering not only space-based technologies, but also all other scientific spheres. The range of possible research in the SibSAU has grown significantly along with the space exploration and now the University is developing all research and technical departments at once.

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