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Бушевец Александра Павловна -

 The Siberian State Aerospace University is a source of power of Siberia. The Siberian territory is famous for the Yenisei River. The deepest Yenisei unites a lot of rivers. Our University also unites the so called “rivers”: education, science, sports, art. We, being students of SibSAU, glorify our native Krasnoyarsk region and Siberia in different fields. World academic community respects professors of SibSAU, international companies invite our students on internships. Our students are the winners of sports competitions. Any Siberian is a creative person. Our professors and students have repeatedly proved this. We think that if you read our essay you will agree with us.

Many of us would like to express themselves not only in science, but also in professional sphere. Our university provides such an opportunity. Every year, in the fall, absolutely any first year student can participate in the contest "Freshman Day" and to show his creativity. Dancing, singing, acting - these are talents, which the students show on the stage. A dancing group “Ad Astra” are winners of various international dancing competitions.

SibSAU is alma mater of many sportsmen. Our students have an opportunity to go in for sports besides study. University has a big sports hall, fitness hall and great Water Sports Center. Our physical training teachers are honored coaches, masters of sports, champions of the world, champions of Europe, champions of the USSR and champions of Russia. They are honored for good sport education of students of SibSAU. Our university often participates in the sport competitions giving some sport-talented students a chance to become famous taking part in international competitions.The women’s basketball team of SibSAU took the second place in The X Cup basketball memory of honored coach of Russia G.I.Resch among students’ teams of Siberian Federal District. The team of SibSAU in swimming took the second place at The championship of the Russian Union of sport students for underwater sports (swimming with fins). A lot of students who graduated from SibSAU became famous in sport. For example, S.I.Lomanov is the head coach of bandy team “Enisey” or Elena Kononova is a gold and bronze medal winner of the competition in Italy.

For those students, who do science in SibSAU all conditions are created. They annually participate in a great number of regional, All-Russian and international scientific and scientific-practical conferences. For example, "Reshetnev's readings". Students of university become winners of various competitions. Students who successfully do science get state grants, grants of Russian President, awards of the mayor of Krasnoyarsk, nominal grants of university and many other awards.

Siberia is great. And we, the students of SibSAU, praise our region all over the world.

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



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"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

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Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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