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                               Russia’s power will grow through Siberia

Lomonosov emphasized the special role which would be played by Siberia in future to strength the Russian state by these words. Let us consider upon advantages this big region has in order to become growth driver for our country today.


The first thing that needs to be said is the fact that Siberia concentrates significant part of resources of our country. It is really a treasury! To my mind, there is no place where there could be found so much of minerals and energy resources in the world. It always facilitated Russia to provide itself with all necessary to be self-sufficient in hard times.


The second reason for the special place of Siberia in Russia’s fate is important geographical and geopolitical position. The region becomes useful platform for realization of many interesting economic projects in conditions when Russia is strengthening cooperation with countries of the Asia Pacific region. For example, according to some experts the project “The Power of Siberia”, except receiving profits from gas export to China will contribute in exploration of all eastern territories of the Russian Federation.


Finally, undoubted advantage of Siberia is having rich science and technology base. One should note here that the invaluable contribution belongs to SibSAU. Our university has 55 years tradition to prepare highly – skilled professionals for many industries. SibSAU is “The Siberian forge of engineers” which continues the work of Korolev and Tsiolkovsky providing peaceful exploration and protecting interests of Russians in space.


In the conclusion, one can say that Siberia has great significance for our country, and I understand the words of Lomonosov as appeal to appreciate and protect wealth of this region which is the source of security of Russia.

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