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Савченко Лиляна Михайловна -

 SibSAU: genius, openness, talent.


Siberian State Aerospace University named after academician M.F. Reshetnev has a long history. In 1960 it was founded as a plant and technical college. This date is marked as the beginning of the development of a new level of education, and changed the lives of many people. In the past five decades Siberian State Aerospace University has graduated highly qualified specialists in various fields of science and industry.

But what makes Siberian State Aerospace University one of the best institutions in the field of education? It all starts with the fact that our university includes faculties and institutes in all fields of science. In spite of the fact that Siberian State Aerospace University is a technical university, it perfectly combines legal, humanitarian and economic spheres.

Moreover, our university is famous for its athletes, singers, artists and humorists. The spirit in Siberian State Aerospace University is so strong that all teaching staff is like a big family and helps students in everything. It means that each person can find their second, cosy home there.

So let us congratulate our favourite educational institution on the 55th anniversary! We wish it further development, creation and implementation of the great scientific projects and, of course, wonderful and smart students!

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



Practical Conference


"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

at higher education institutions"

with edited volume publication

Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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