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Герасимов Валерий Николаевич -

   SIBSAU- pride and  future of Siberia

Krasnoyarsk region is the second largest region in Russia. It stretches from the shores of the Arctic ocean to the mountains of southern Siberia. It is a unique and diverse Siberian region. This is a land of eternal ice on the Taimyr Peninsula, and the mighty Sayan mountains, the mysterious Putorana plateau, and taiga, there are more than three hundred thousand lakes in the country. The Yenisei Meridian divides not only the region but also it divides Siberia into two parts that brings a wind, which is the main thread of life for shipping. Today Krasnoyarsk region has rightfully earned title of the territory of large-scale projects. It is the Siberian best of regions, which is determined there the future of Siberia and Russia.  In such a beautiful city of Krasnoyarsk is one of the best and strongest universities of Siberia. It is SIBSAU. The University train highly qualified specialists in different fields that are in demand not only in this region but throughout the country. Zheleznogorsk cluster became the country's premier centre for innovative research in nuclear and space industry, SibSAU and enterprise ISS after the name M. F. Reshetnev take an important part in the development of this innovative region. SibSAU it is the most important part of the Krasnoyarsk region, which we are the inhabitants of Siberia and Russia are proud of. This year the University celebrates 55 anniversary from the date of its Foundation. I am proud of my University!

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



Practical Conference


"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

at higher education institutions"

with edited volume publication

Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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