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Огрызкова Нина -

     «Principles are forgotten, which allow to save well-being and harmony for a family and the nation in whole, due to evil deeds of those people, who destroy family traditions». Although these words were spoken more than one and a half thousand years ago, however they are actual today. Really, statistics shows, generation, that has grown up over the last 15-20 years in our country, has lost many moral orientations. And where has this generation grown? In the family. «The family in whole is together and a soul is on the spot». This proverb reflects an inextricable connection between such concepts as «soul», «morale» and «moral values». I consider that mentioned concepts are origins of the family, its roots. Family’s culture, culture of family relationships consists of concepts «decency», «honor», «conscience», «justice», «mutual help», «mercy». 

The word «family» comes from the word "seed". Obviously, there were few good seeds, because these seeds gave such shoots. "Homeland", "kind", "seed", "family" – these words are closely connected. Words «patronymic» and «fatherland» sound equally only in Russian language. Namely patronymics indicate from whom you came. And your «kind» is «fatherland». The good seed of kind can germinate until there are patronymics  . The slogan «The Motherland Calls» makes our fatherland invincible, until the word "parents" would mean «warm care». And only then the tree of life (symbol of mankind) will grow from the seed. And families will be strong in the world, only the best seeds. And seeds will germinate and give shoots because the tree of life is alive, and branches of it are unbroken: grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, daughter, son, grandson, great-aunt, great-grandfather, godfather, godmother, consolidated son.   

We were created not apart,

But two: as husband and wife,

And we are commanded to live, not separated,

The whole a century as one day.

                                    Pack Inno.

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


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14 of May, 2013



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