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Нигматулина Дарья, Рябова Мария -


The Olympic Winter Games are overcoming of human capabilities

  Everyone is concerned in sport and sports achievements. Since ancient times, poets, writers, painters and sculptors dedicated their works to sports and sportsmen! Since the times of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire artists portrayed athletes and their feats!

So what is sport? Sport is a whole life!Today in society sport performs the following functions:

1. promotes the development of physical and moral qualities of the individual to maintain health and longevity;

        2. helps people who have devoted themselves to sport and sports activities to be professionally employed;

        3. creates conditions in modern society and a resource for organizing social and cultural events.

      Today, sport has become a profession for many people, a favouritе spectacle and, of course, a serious business.

And now some words about culture: what is culture? The word culture comes from Latin (cultura) and means cultivation, agriculture, education, respect. It's an endless world indevelopment!Culture today combines most aspects of human life in its immense diversity.

    General features of the concept of culture and sport are:

        1. constant movement;

        2. development and perfection.

      The Olympic Winter Games, held in Sochi have become the greatest inspiration of 2014 both in culture and sport. The Olympic Games area sports and cultural event. Olympic Games have always united different peoples with their cultures into a coherent whole. They are held for the sake of                 sportsdevelopment          and friendship among nations.

I hope that the Olympic Games will continue to bring people together. I believe that overcoming the human capabilities that showed athletes, will be an example to anyone who wants to go in for sports seriously!

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