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Вахитов Алексей Минулаевич -


Sports are one of the brightest manifestations of modern culture. A cultural person is a sports person, as well. Can anybody call an alcoholic or an addict a cultural person? Sports activities are useful to each person, they strengthen health, rise a mood, so they are very important.

There are people, for which sports is meaning of their life, these people are Olympic champions. Their success in sports completely depends on persistence, willpower. The Olympic Games of 2014 inthe city of Sochi showed all their qualities in the best possible way. Sports give the chance to have such feelings as: friendship, support, rivalry.

Scientific and statistical researches confirm that in comparison with the people who don’t go  in for sports, people, actively and regularly engaged in sports, suffer from fatigue 1,5 times less, and from flu twice more rare. As a result, the people who are active in sports, miss work because of bad health 2.3 times less often. It is possible to draw a conclusion that today there is a number of the factors which are negatively influencing the development of physical culture and sport. In recent years in Russia the population’s state of health has been worsened, the number of people using drugs, abusing alcohol and smoking has been significantly increased. Average age of the people using drugs is progressively decreasing. The general incidence of the persons taking alcohol is twice higher, than of the persons not taking alcoholic drinks. We have to think about our health, as soon as possible and at once to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Proceeding from all this, it is possible to tell that while satisfying many needs of a person, sports activities become physical and spiritual need. Sport is our life.

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