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Мкртчян Лилит Андраниковна Ковалёв Владислав Георгиевич -


Sport can’t exist without emotions. Emotions and feelings are very important in the culture of each nation. Culture is training and education, an intellectual and aesthetic development of human-beings and society. And sport is a part of culture. Sportsmen and fans experience strong feelings. Losses replace victory. Pain replaces joy.For example, Olympic Games 2014. 

On the one hand, defeat of our hockey players. It was our national tragedy. The failure of the Russian team will be discussed for a long time. The failure of the Russian team was touched by everyone – even by those who are far from the big sport. Fans did not hide their tears. It seemed that not only the hockey team lost - all our Olympic team lost too. 

But on the other hand, the victory of our skiers evoked an explosion of different emotions:tears, joy, pride. Forgetting about rivalry and fatigue, they raced to the finish and guaranteed victory inGames in Sochi. It is here our country set an emotional point of the Games. The loss of the hockey players no longer exists.

One must admit that sport is not only a competition between athletes. It is achievements of science and technology, music, sculpture and choreography. The beauty of the Greek athletes’ body inspired the authors to create sculptures that are known worldwide. The melody that sounded at the closing of the Olympic Games still makes people cry. It is difficult to imagine figure skating without great classical music. At the same time hockey inspires composers and poets to create songs. For example, "Trus ne igraet v khokkey" (“No coward plays hockey”) by Sergei Grebennikov and Nikolay Dobronravov. 


To draw the conclusion, one can say that sport and culture are interrelated. Sport is a driving force of progress. We can admit that culture makes sport a beautiful and striking performance we admire. 



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