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Сухарникова Дарья, Коровина Александра -


«The Russia we love »


Many people think the Russia is the best and the greatest country, but others do not agree. Let us consider what the advantages and disadvantages of Russia are. It is generally agreed today that Russia is the biggest country and it is enough economically developed. And I agree with this. But along with advantage there is also a disadvantage. The biggest disadvantage of Russia is a corruption.

To begin with the Russia is the strongest and the greatest country in the world because the Russia one of all countries won against Germany in The Great Patriotic War. Our people stood. The second reason for loving Russia is that Russia is the very solid state from an extreme antiquity. It is a well-known fact that our country won too many different people, for instance, Golden Horde, France and so on. Besides, nowadays for the majority of people are proud of Russia and love it because Russia is their native land. Russia has very beautiful nature.

Nevertheless, one should accept that Russia as well as many countries has some disadvantages such as the corruption, insufficiently developed health care.

To sum up these points I may say Russia is the wonderful country. As far as I’m concerned I very love my native land. I’m proud of Russia. In addition, I can say that our country is mighty and hardy.


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