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What can we do for Russia to make it better?

 Nowadays, we often think what we can do for Russia to make it better? To begin with, let’s state that Russia is our native land, which we want to make better, advanced and richer.

 First of all, the issue that needs to be mentioned is the conservation of our nature. Our country is famous for its rich forests, pristine pure lakes, beautiful seas, magnificent rocks. But gradually this beauty is being destroyed. We cut down the forests, pollute the lakes and the rivers. Factories and traffic in the cities pollute the air dramatically.

That is why the prime goal for us nowadays  is to preserve our nature including the flora and fauna of our country.

  Secondly, another issue of vital importance is our aim to conserve the monuments of history and culture of Russia. These are churches, historical places, famous paintings and sculptures, architectural buildings, which are associated with historical events, the life and work of great people.

 Thirdly, one more significant question is our desire to promote Russia in sports, science and education. Talented students, graduates of higher educational institutions can help in this field. These are the people who move our country to a beautiful future. Thanks to them we have the modern technology, famous arts and valuable system of education. Why Russian scientists, scholars, composers, artists are very popular? Because we have the best training, the best education and can take advantage of our rich heritage. And we can not afford all of these to become worse.

 To sum up, I want to say that we are the masters of what surrounds us and beautifies our life. Russia is our motherland, which we should love, protect and preserve. And we must do everything that depends on us to provide our country becomes better and better.

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