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Ask not what Russia can do for you - ask what you can do for Russia

What makes us good citizens? It is not easy to answer this question because every person can understand these words differently. Some would say that paying taxes, doing your job and abiding the law is enough to be a good citizen. But is this the definition for “good” in this context? In my view the answer is not so obvious.

Many people are used to complaining about everything. They complain about the government, gaps in the education system, poor healthcare, and bureaucracy. People are not satisfied with the legislation and some new laws deprive people of their basic freedoms. Bribery, corruption, harassment, arbitrary rule… The list is endless. But wait, what are we doing apart from complaining? We do not love the country we live in, but we continue to live here. We only talk, but we never act. Can a person be considered a good citizen, when he pays taxes, works and observes the law, but says that Russia is a bad place and the life here is horrible? He says he does not want to live here; he wants to leave the country forever, but never actually does. Because the only thing he can do is talking. Is it the example of a good citizen? I say no.

A good citizen does not separate himself from his country and all the events that take place there. He does not only talk, he acts, he takes part in everything in order not to complain, but to enjoy. He builds his country himself, with his own hands. He understands perfectly that his country and he himself are a unity. And everything that is going on around him is the result of his own action or inaction. Complaining about the country we complain about ourselves. 

In conclusion I can say that there are a lot of problems in Russia but instead of complaining, let us take some responsibility for what is going on. Let us try to make our country a better place. For ourselves and for our children. It is time to stop being selfish. It is never too late to change something. Do something for your country now and you will see that many others will follow your example. Be a good citizen of your great country!  


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