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Матюхина Яна, Кушнарева Татьяна -

 To love or not to love your mother country? That's the question that torments the minds of people for centuries. It is most relevant in modern Russia.

Let’s consider what the concept of patriotism includes. Dictionary tells us: patriotism is a moral and political principle, social sense, the content of which is the love of one's homeland and his willingness to neglect one’s private interests. Patriotism assumes the pride of the achievements of their country and culture, the desire to preserve its character and cultural characteristics, the identification with the nation, the desire to protect the interests of the country and its people. To be a patriot is good, but how many people are there whose portraits are worthy to stand against the flag in today's Russia? Hundreds, but every year such people are born less. Reducing the number of people who love the Motherland leads to its gradual extinction. Is it good future for people? The obvious answer is no.

So we should act. Let’s remember the history and great men for whom homeland meant more than just a place to live. People who created for Russia brilliant masterpieces, invented incredible models and machines, piled up their lives to Fatherland continued to live. Like many writers who have fled from arrest and then came back after a short time, because they could not imagine life without Russia. How many heroes have died in battle fighting against hordes of enemies? How many scientists have been doing their researches to provide the country with all that they can give in terms of poverty? All this was for us, our generation; they believe that we will continue building the future of Russia.

Love Russia as they loved and let your love will improve our homeland!

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