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Шараев Александр, Веретнов Денис -

 Space is what we are

There are many universities in our city but as for me I’ve dreamt to enter the SibSAU since my childhood because I’ve always been interested in space and my father studied here. I want to design satellites like my father and to be useful for my country. I think our university and its enterprises contribute greatly into the world space development.

For example Zheleznogorsk Enterprise Information Satellite Systems is the largest satellite producer of the Russian space industry. This company does research in space. Its main products are satellites. Satellites developed by ISS are the most advanced in the world. High range and high reliability are the main criteria of our satellites, that’s why they are in demand in the West. Moreover the company is the main developer of the GLONASS satellite system. Satellites are known to be of great importance in peaceful use in navigation, in exploring outer space and the earth’s natural resources.

However with the fast development of space technology many problems have appeared. First of all it’s a problem of space debris. When the life of a satellite expires, it becomes unusable and drifts in Earth orbit. This is a dangerous obstacle to the launch of vehicles. Secondly, there is a great deal of satellites in space what increases the risk of collisions in space. It may happen that after 20-50 years in Earth orbit it would be impossible to get out.

In conclusion I want to say that our university with its enterprises has had great achievements in this field to be proud of but unfortunately there are serious problems to be solved. I think we as future specialists will be able to find the solutions to these problems.

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