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Никитина Юлия, Яковлева Мария -

  «The Russia, we love.»

My Russia, you all dearer to me! These are the words of the great Russian writer Alexander Block.

Тo begin with, Russia is the largest country in the world. It lies in the Eastern part of Europe and in the Northern part of Asia. Moscow is the capital of our country.

The St. Petersburg is a very important city. Rostov Veliky, Suzdal, Vladimir, Zvenigorod and Yaroslavl are very important cities too. They are known as Zolotoe Koltso (the Golden Ring of Russia). Our symbols are the three coloured flag and the Two head eagle. One should note here that two head eagle symbolises wisdom and strength. Colours of the flag are white, blue and red. Another our symbol is the anthem. His authors are the composer V.Aleksandrov and poet S.Mihalkov.

There is hardly a country where such a variety of scenery and vegetation can be found. Few people know that the country is rich in beautiful lakes. The world's deepest lake, Baikal, is situated in Russia. Perhaps we should also point out the fact, that the water in the lake is so clear, that if you look down you can even count the stones on the bottom.

Regarding the Russian language, it is the native language of more than 220 million people throughout the world, and it is the official language of Russian Federation.

As for the Russian stereotype, Russians have many peculiarities. They are believed to be industrious, tough, suspicious, brave and progressive. They are very hospitable, fond of being with other people and enjoying social life. They have a great sense of patriotism. They are generous, emotional, kind-hearted and loyal to their families. Traditionally, Russians are known to be patriarchal, and dogmatic in following conventional values. They are mostly faithful and tradition-loving.

Besides, the country's history is long and eventful. There are more than 150, 000 historical and architectural landmarks and monuments. There are many places of interest in Russia. And foreigners come to explore its historic buildings, to see its museums and galleries, its streets and parks. But the greatest reason is the curious desire to find out something about the life of the Russian people, and their mysterious Russian Soul.

In conclusion, I would like to say, that a wonderful country is my Russia! I am proud that I was born here.

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