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Свиридова Кристина, Ватин Вячеслав -

 What does Russia mean to you? Is it only wood, metal, coal and oil? What can you do for your country? We rarely think about this question.

Perhaps you should start with yourself? Reconsider your values, your perception of the world. Start with the fact that you could change something in the world for the better. First of all, to suggest ways of solving such social problems as alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking. They kill a lot of people. The country will be richer without these bad habits. Secondly, take care of of animals and nature to save them. Feeding birds and squirrels is not so difficult, and throwing out a piece of paper in the wastebasket, not on the road, is even easier. People build dangerous factories not caring what harm their emissions will cause and how they will affect peoples' health and nature. Thirdly, we should be able to respect other peoples' point of view and listen to them patiently. The last but not the least, in order not to clutter our country and not to pollute the atmosphere by exhausting fumes we should start saving electricity, water, and if possible instead of driving a car ride a bike or walk. Finally, be respectful to the veterans. Parents and Grandparents deserve it.
I think if each person makes a little effort in order to 
prevent these problems, we will be a more powerful country than we are now.


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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



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"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

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14 of May, 2013



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