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Митращук Владимир, Саядян Руслан -

From childhood, we are taught to love and respect our country. Nevertheless, in the modern world some of us do not think about our country. Sometimes we do not care its requests for help. In addition, majority of people love their country, they protect and help it.

Many people want to help their country, but they do not know how. Often this support is not much. For example, this assistance is to help some old woman cross the road, to give way to public transport, to miss a girl, standing behind you, to help your friend in study.

I believe that each of us should care about our country. Firstly, everyone must do his duty. When we do our duty, we help our country. For example, you study at a medical school. You study well; you spend free time to get knowledge. This will guarantee that the country will have future professionals. Moreover, professionals are the foundation of science, and the foundation of the economy.

Secondly, everyone must educate people. For example, we should educate the people politically, show the significance of the political system.We can participate in elections, be indifferent to the problems of the country, and help poor people.  

In addition, I think that each of us can be honest and fair. One should always try to tell the truth and demand the same from others. Only an honest man can teach others.

In the modern world, people have forgotten how important love for their country is. I believe that everyone should protect and help it. Only together, can we defend and care about our country.

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14 of May, 2013



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