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Расторгуева Елизавета, Мороз Андрей -

There is an opinion as if the engineer does the same what the technician or the mechanic does the most part of time, or even the laboratorian usually is engaged. But no!The engineer should think abstractly more often, consider facts, calculate and compare and lessoften deal with concrete devices. Moreover, the breadboard model ofthe device developed bythe engineer is collected by technicians,therefore even in this case the engineer not always manages "to work ashands".

Thus, the engineer deals not with technical systems (devices and technological processes), and with their descriptions. He will transformthese descriptions from not clear requirements of the customer toaccurate and unequivocal, for example, to drawings. He uses the procedures of engineering activity turned out in engineering accordingto the accepted regulations.

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



Practical Conference


"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

at higher education institutions"

with edited volume publication

Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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