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Тарасова Анна, Конева Мария -

Do you want to make safe and secure future?

Become an engineer!

The modern world cannot exist without high technologies. The engineers invent unbelievable things. There are many different specialities of engineers. Each does his own thing on earth.

Security engineering is a specialized field of engineering that focuses on the security aspects in the design of systems that need to be able to deal robustly with possible sources of disruption, ranging from natural disasters to malicious acts.

Due to recent catastrophic events, such as the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 in the United States, Security Engineering has quickly become a rapidly developing field.

For example, Swedish engineer invented the three-point seat belt. This device saves thousands of human lives every year.

There are many other devices in the field of security engineering, such as laminated windscreen, side air bags, child seats. An Airbag is a great safety device to prevent occupants from striking interior objects such as the steering wheel or a window.

Another invention is line of robots designed for use in military or policing functions. For example situational awareness, reconnaissance, explosive ordnance disposal and other missions.

We believe that the engineer is one of the most necessary and beneficial professions.

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 Siberian State Aerospace University


VII -th International



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"Modern trends in foreign languages teaching  

at higher education institutions"

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Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

14 of May, 2013



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