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No other sphere of knowledge, probably, won’t be compared with nanotechnology today. The expert on «nano» today – as the nuclear physicist in 1940 or the cosmonaut in 1960: it is fashionable, prestigious and is very perspective so are the engineers working in this sphere.

Objects with which engineers – nanotechnologies work have size of about one milliard part of meter. The name «nanotechnology» comes from Greek nanos – «dwarf». The nanotechnology sphere is a microcosm, to observe and investigate which it is possible only by means of the most powerful microscopes. Engineers carry out manipulations with substance at nuclear and molecular level, creating new kinds of materials and quite often achieving really fantastic results.

People have started to use nanotechnologies long before our times. Many creations of human hands – the Damask steel, ruby starts and colloidal gold of alchemists, represent, in effect, the elementary nanomaterials.

We have a course of nanotechnologies  at our University and I am proud of studying at SubSAU. I am sure that after graduating from if. I will work at nanotechnology laboratory as the engineer in my poster.

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